Fungus Shield Plus Review: An Effective Therapeutic Treatment for Stubborn Fungal Infection

Nail fungus infection is one of the common nail diseases, which makes your nails look dull and unattractive. According to the statistics, more than 35 million people suffer from nail infections. Men are more prone to fungus infection than women. Besides, they are affected later in life, usually after 40.

Nowadays, there are many treatments available on the market, which claim to cure nail fungus infection permanently and quickly. However, most of these nail fungus eradicating products don’t live up to the expectations, and only provide temporary relief.

In this article, you will learn about the unique and healing formula that gets rid of nail fungus infection from its roots. Known as Fungus Shield Plus, this therapeutic treatment works to eradicate nail fungus from within to keep your nails free from unsightly fungus. Before you find out more about the effectiveness of Fungus-Shield-Plus treatment, you need to understand causes and symptoms of your nail fungus infection.

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What Are the Causes of Nail Fungus Infection?

Dermatophyte is an advancing fungus that develops under the nail plate. These fungi are capable of residing on skin, nails, hair and horns of animals. They work to metabolize the protein, keratin and spread throughout the nails.

There are many reasons that cause your nails to become infected with fungus. It is important to note that the severity of nail infection varies from person to person. Here is a list of the common causes of nail fungus infection:

  • Wound or Nail Injury: You may get a nail fungus infection when your nail gets hurt. When the nail hits an object, some space is formed between the nail and the nail bed. This space allows the fungus to form. You can prevent the growth of nail fungus if immediate action is taken.    Most people use home remedies to treat their nail fungus infection such as vinegar, tea tree oil, as well as prescribed medication and laser therapy. Even though most of these treatments are free of side-effects, they may prove to be useless at eliminating your nail fungus. Therefore, you should not use them without proper medical guidance.
  • Humidity: You can get nail fungus if your nails are continuously exposed to warm and moist environments. High pH, moist atmosphere, humidity and warm environment are some of the favorable conditions that help in the development of fungus. You often pick up these fungi when you share shoes or walk barefoot in public places such as public showers, swimming pools and dressing rooms.  In order to prevent the occurrence of nail fungus infection, you should find ways to keep your nails clean and dry. You should avoid wearing synthetic socks, as they do not allow the sweat to dry off. Cotton socks let your skin breathe and allow the free entry of air.
  • Weak Immunity: People with low immunity are at a greater risk of contracting fungal nail infection. This is because they don’t have the strength to fight off the fungi. To keep yourself away from nail or skin infections, you should practice healthy living to strengthen your body’s immunity.
  • Slow or Poor Blood Circulation: Poor blood circulation can lead to unhealthy nails. This is because the immune system only works effectively with a healthy blood flow. Regular exercise and healthy eating habits improve your blood circulation and keep you healthy.
  • Other Health Conditions: if you are suffering from psoriasis, diabetes or if your health is generally poor, you are at a greater risk of contracting a nail fungus infection. Smoking also makes you prone to developing a nail infection.

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Symptoms of Nail Fungus Infection

Some of the common symptoms of nail fungus infection are:

  • Discolored Nails: One of the earliest symptoms of nail fungus is discoloration on the nail’s surface. Nail infection causes your nails to thicken, become discolored and painful. Initially, nail fungal spots are yellow to brown in color, and appear in the middle of the nail. In some cases, the discoloration may appear in the form of streaks or stripes.
  • Brittle, Deformed and Thick Nails: The infected nail gradually changes shape and becomes brittle before it separates from the finger or toe and falls off. In most cases, the new nail that grows is deformed and discolored. It remains infected, until you begin effective treatment as soon as possible.

What Is Fungus Shield Plus?

Fungus shield plus is an anti-fungus dietary supplement, which aims to cure fungal infections of fingernails, toenails and other parts of the body. Richard Parker and Dr. Walker Mills have introduced this therapeutic nail fungal treatment after exhaustive research.

Medical science and pharmacy industry are still not able to produce an effective treatment for the elimination of nail fungus. Richard Parker was motivated to find the ultimate cure for nail fungus after his father died from an internal fungal infection.

Fungus Shield Plus is a natural supplement that helps eradicate stubborn fungus from your nails. In addition to making your nails free of fungus, it works to create a shield that helps to destroy approximately 99 percent of the fungus that you are exposed to daily. It is a unique blend of natural ingredients that helps by clearing the fungus from the inside, as well as the outside. After this supplement will clear your body of internal fungus, it eradicates the growth of external fungus on your skin, nails and hair.

According to Richard Parker, you can get rid of the worst nail fungal infection with Fungus Shield Plus in just a matter of weeks. You just need to consume two tablets for 30 days. The great positive effect of using Fungus Shield plus is that it is all natural and does not cause any side effects, as the ones caused by over-the-counter and prescription nail fungus treatments.

Fungus Shield Plus Product

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How Does Fungus Shield Plus Works?

Fungus Shield Plus is one of the reputed nail fungus treatments available on the market today. Let’s find out how it works:

  • Stage One: The Fast Penetration Stage—during this stage, the 26 restorative ingredients that you have taken through this oral supplement begin to penetrate your body’s system. The effective absorption of these ingredients work to free your body from toxins and other poisonous substances that make your body unhealthy and give way to the formation of fungus.
  • Stage Two: Massive Build up Extermination—your body has accumulated massive amounts of fungus over the years. This deposition of fungus makes your blood vessels narrow and obstructs the proper flow of blood to all the parts of the body. The key ingredients of this supplement, namely Japanese mushroom complex, Beta-Glucan and ARA-6, clear your body of fungus and allow the proper flow of blood, even in the peripheral areas of the body.
  • Stage Three: Blood Purification Stage—Healing ingredients such as garlic, cat’s claw and curcumin (which are contained in Fungus Shield Plus), purify your blood of toxins. Curcumin, which is found in the restorative spice Turmeric, is a natural antioxidant, whereas the other two ingredients posses antimicrobial properties. The combined properties of these ingredients flush out the fungus from your blood stream; thus making your blood more oxygenated. This further promotes the proper circulation of blood in your body and makes you feel stronger and energetic.
  • Stage Four: Dry Skin Reconstruction—The two prime ingredients, namely quercetin and lycopene, make your skin firmer, smoother and more elastic.
  • Stage Five: Hand Feet and Nail Rejuvenation—Olive leaf extracts and pomegranate, which are found in this supplement, help to repair your hands, nails and feet. They restore your skin that became yellow and brittle.
  • Stage Six: Anti-Fungal Defense Army—Ingredients such as Pine-bark, Selenium, and Graviola ensure that your body does not attract the toxins in your blood stream again.
  • Stage Seven: Anti-Fungal Lung Shield Activator —Ingredients like Vitamin C, Red raspberry juice and Vitamin E, act like a filter and safeguard your lungs from breathing harmful toxins and bacteria from the environment.
  • Stage Eight: Double Up Anti-Fungal Defense—Invigorating ingredients, such as green tea and panax ginseng, activate the role of antibodies in your body and strengthen your body’s ability to fight and destroy the formation of internal fungus infections.

The inclusion of the amazing ingredients in Fungus Shield Plus makes it a good choice for the treatment of your nail fungus infection.

Where to Buy Fungal Shield Plus?

You can order this product from their official website for just $69, with no shipping fee. In addition to the supplement, you also get a bonus guidebook: Doctor’s Essential home Remedies. You are also entitled to a one-day self-purifier system.  Moreover, the product comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee. You can contact customer care service and ask for a refund.

The Bottom Line – Does Fungus Shield Plus Really Works? or HOAX/SCAM?

If you have been dealing with stubborn nail fungus for years and are still not able to find the effective treatment, use Fungus Shield Plus. It is a tested and tried remedy that gives amazing results in just a few weeks. It effectively helps to get rid of your internal and external nail fungus, and keeps your nails protected from further growth of fungus.

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