Author: David Molter

Silence Complete Review

Tinnitus, a condition where the victim hears a sound that no one else can hear, while there seem to be no source for the noise. Many people think this has something to do with your ears. But a 56-year old medical librarian found out the horrifying truth and with it a cure against the cause

Fungus Clean Review

Fungal problems are one of the most annoying disease to treat. Not only is it annoying and itchy to have but severe complications may even result into deaths. What’s worse is that even if you did manage to treat your fungal infections, if you’re not careful with your lifestyle, it may end up coming back.

Vinegar Foot Soak for Toenail Fungus

Having toenail fungus is difficult. This condition is very painful because of the growing roots of the invading fungi body on your nail bed. It can be caused by various things such as poor personal hygiene, exposure to individuals with toenail fungus, frequent use of wet shoes and socks and pre-existing fungal infection such as

Tea Tree Oil for Toenail Fungus

Not only is toenail fungus unsightly, with cracked, yellowed and thick toenails, but it can be painful too. Fungus thrives in warm and moist environment, and what better place to burrow and multiply than in the toenails and their surrounding skin. Sweat and moisture are just some of the culprits why fungi inhabit the feet.